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Christian Education and Formation

Christian Education for All Ages

We welcome and invite all ages to gather for Christian Education following Worship.  Children and youth meet from 10:45am-12:00pm.  Adult classes begin at 11:10am following coffee and conversation and run until noon.   The Christian Education program occurs from September to June, with a break during the summer months.  Christian Education classes are places of friendship, faith formation, and hospitality.  Whether you are 3 or 103 years old, there is a place for all!   Together we discern and nurture our individual and collective journeys of faith.

Sunday School for Children and Youth

shine logoWe offer engaging Sunday School classes for children, preschool-youth including. A typical morning includes: snacks, Bible stories, music, worship, and response activities. A yearly offering project invites our children to share God’s generousity with others and be good stewards of God’s gifts.

Shine: Living in God’s Light is a dynamic Sunday school curriculum for age 3 to grade 8 that engages Christian communities in their life together.

Intergenerational Sundays during Advent and near Earth Day are also highlights of the Christian Education year. On these Sundays, children and adults visit different activity centres during the Sunday School hour that highlight the theme of the day.

Please click on Sunday School covenant to view the covenant and the different ways our church works at faith formation.
Sunday School covenant


Young Adult and Adult Learning Opportunities

We invite young adults and adults to attend a class of their choice. We offer different electives which run for up to six weeks. A “Christian Education Special Event” gathers all adults together. The classes range in size and range in style from lectures to interactive discussion. Topics include: Bible Study, Christian Witness, and Christian Worship.

YOUNG ADULT/ADULT ELECTIVES                                     


October 22
Genesis 2:4–19: “God tends a garden in Eden”

Here are some ways to nurture faith at home based on this week’s story. For preschool children, use the “For families” page in the Early Childhood leaflet. (1) Read Genesis 2:7, 19, 22. How did God make animals and people? (2) Describe something in creation and have the family guess what it is. (3) List as many fruits and vegetables as you can. Try a new food this week.

Did you know? The Tigris and Euphrates rivers mentioned in Genesis 2 flow southeast from the mountains of Turkey through Iraq.

Prayer for the week: Thank you, Creator God, for such a beautiful world to enjoy. Amen.

October 29
Genesis 3: “Trouble in the garden”

Here are some ways to nurture faith at home based on this week’s story.* (1) Read Genesis 3:12–13. Tell about a time you blamed someone else for a bad choice you made. (2) Cut out paper leaves. Each day, write a good choice you made on one of the leaves. String the leaves together. (3) Wake a walk outside “at the time of the evening breeze,” as God did in Genesis 3:8.

Did you know? Adam and Eve used these for clothes. They can sometimes reduce the amount of insulin needed bydiabetics. What are they? Fig leaves

Prayer for the week: Thank you God for giving us the ability to make wise choices. Amen.

November 5
Genesis 6:5–9:17: “Noah and God’s promises”

Here are some ways to nurture faith at home based on this week’s story.* (1) Read Genesis 9:8–11. Who did God make a covenant with? What was the promise? (2) Tell about an experience with rain or floods. (3) What kinds of promises do you make to each other?

Did you know? On March 14, 1994, the longest-observed rainbow was seen in Sheffield, England. It lasted for six hours.

Prayer for the week: Steadfast God, thank you for keeping your promises to us. May we be faithful to you. Amen.

November 12
Genesis 11:1–9: “The Tower of Babel”

Here are some ways to nurture faith at home based on this week’s story.* (1) Read Genesis 11:3–4. Why did the people want to build? (2) Think of high-tech inventions of today. What is good about them? What is not so good? (3) Search YouTube for worship songs in languages you don’t know.

Did you know? Genesis 11 seeks to explain why people speak different languages. What language is spoken by the most people in the world? Mandarin Chinese

Prayer for the week: God, as we work together this week, may we strive to honor you. Amen.

November 19
Genesis 12–13: “Abram, Sarai, and Lot”

Here are some ways to nurture faith at home based on this week’s story. For preschool children, use the “For families” page in the Early Childhood leaflet. (1) Read Genesis 12:1–2. Like Abram, how can we be a blessing to others? (2) Take turns today giving each other first choice or first turn. (3) Make an altar with small stones as each person tells the best blessing of the day.

Did you know? God changed their names! Abram (“exalted father”) became Abraham (“father of a multitude). Sarai (“my princess”) became Sarah (“mother of nations”).

Prayer for the week: Thank you, God that you journey with us wherever we go. Amen.


Vacation Bible Camp 2018

July  16-20


Youth Ministry

We welcome youth and their friends into a dynamic relationship with God and others through Mennonite Youth Fellowship (MYF). This group meets with MYFs of other local Mennonite churches to form a fun and meaningful group where events are planned monthly. Our purpose of youth ministry is to provide a safe place and meaningful experiences that welcome youth into our community of faith and facilitate their being and becoming unique expressions of God’s love in the world.

MYF opportunities include: social events or service projects, youth worship experiences, Mennonite youth retreats, Mennonite Church Canada Youth Assembly, catechism, and mentoring relationships with adults.


Summer Camps!

The following are summer camps that many of our congregation enjoy.  Click on the go to their site.

slmc Silver Lake Mennonite Camp




Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp & Retreat Centre




fraserlake Fraser Lake Camp.