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Custodian Job Description

The Custodian is part of the Ministry Team at Erb Street Mennonite Church. The primary task of the Custodian is the maintenance of the church facility and property consistent with the needs of the Ministries, Committees and congregation with direction from Property and Facilities Committee.  It is an hourly position.


The Custodian is accountable to the congregation through Church Ministry Council, working with the Personel Committee for covenant of understanding, hiring, termination, and performance reviews, and relating closely with Property and Facilities Committee. Reports to the Lead Pastor for day to day operation, for guidance regarding tasks, task priorities, and negotiating vacation and time off. The Lead Pastor will provide supervision and support on an ongoing regular basis.


The following is the list of normal responsibilities. Typically this would be about 15 hours per week.  Work specifics may need to be adjusted depending on the person filling the role.

During the pandemic, it is assumed that the cleaning schedule is much more dynamic, possibly resulting in less work during early stages of re-opening since not everything is being used.


  • Vacuum all carpeted floor areas and additional as required after specific functions.
  • Wet mop all ceramic floor tile areas weekly, and additional as required.  (e.g. Kitchen floor when kitchen used by Sunday School groups or is rented out to other groups. Foyer entrance floors and steps during winter to remove salt and excess water.
  • Wipe all counter tops and cabinets, including drawer fronts and doors (interior and exterior)
  • Clean and disinfect all sinks (washrooms, kitchen, kitchenette). This includes the automatic dishwasher sinks and all stainless steel surfaces.
  • Clean regularly the kitchen stoves, microwaves and fridges.
  • Clean the glass in entrance doors and sidelites.
  • Tidy Storage area at front of sanctuary – shared storage for SDA and our church
  • Empty all garbage containers in washrooms, Sunday School rooms,nursery, offices, foyers, kitchen, fellowship hall, tri-plex, and additional if specific areas are used for additional functions during the week. Bag all garbage and place at curb for weekly pick up. Return bins when empty.
    • Sort recyclables in appropriate bins – blue bins, green bins.
  • Do a regular walk around of the church and church house properties and pick up any garbage, broken glass, etc.
  • Stack and arrange chairs and tables neatly in the Fellowship Hall and Sunday School rooms. Place tables in storage room when not required.
  • Check the master calendar in the Main Office for group events that require table set up. Promptly remove tables and provide necessary cleanup after event is over.
  • Notify Lay Leader of Property & Facilities of concerns/malfunctions, i.e. dishwasher, water leaks, toilets, etc.
  • Check Grand Piano humidifier. Add ‘pad treatment’ and water to sanctuary piano humidifier as needed (pad treatment from Long & McQuade)
  • Snow shoveling and salting of sidewalks when required.  (e.g. Any time there is an accumulation of snow after the initial snow has been removed under contract, and the church is being used for an event.)


  • Monthly dusting of office furniture, shelves, sanctuary pews, pulpit, organ, piano, window sills, railings. Dusting of doors and frames as required.
  • Check Water Softener salt – fill as necessary
  • Order and pickup janitorial supplies


  • Clean all window panes, where possible.
  • Empty central vacuum canisters (2)
  • Empty pail of water into drain in men’s washroom and kitchen monthly to keep drain clean and p-trap full
  • First Aid Kits – replenish supplies as needed for 2 kits (Kitchen and kitchenette)
  • Adjust clocks (except Sanctuary – self adjusting)


  • Grand Piano – brush vacuum inside of piano annually
  • Clean brass on doors
  • Check dishwasher grease trap (P&F?)
  • Vacuum furnace and work rooms
  • Clean behind stoves
  • Clean under kitchen mats
  • Run stove self-clean cycles (only 1 stove at a time)


  • The Custodian is considered Church staff and will attend monthly Church staff meetings.
  • The Custodian will share in the Ministry Team Covenant along with other church staff.
  • The Custodian will provide a current police record check.

Responsibilities may vary depending on functions happening at the church, e.g. Senior’s activities, Women of Mennonite Church Eastern Canada, rentals and meetings during the day or other activities.

 To apply

Send a resume and any other useful information to the church office.