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Supply Pastor – Full Time

Erb Street Mennonite Church (ESMC) is currently in a time of transition with reduced pastoral staff.  We require a Supply Pastor to support our congregation while we find a Transformational Pastor to accompany us on our journey.  During this interim period, we require a pastor who can provide basic pastoral and administrative tasks.

Focus & Expectations:

  1. Pastoral Care:
    1. Leading in the provision of pastoral care for the congregation as we process issues arising within the congregation.
    2. Develop pastor – congregant relationships that nurture spirituality and help individuals to process their journey of life.
    3. Hospital visitation
    4. Crisis care as need arises
  2. Worship Planning:
    1. Being an active participant within those experiences as one is able.
    2. Taking a role in speaking and planning as appropriate with the worship committee.
  3. Administrative Support
    1. Provide oversight for other pastoral and administrative staff
    2. Be pastorally present with congregational leaders as they navigate the immediate future in ways that are reflective of our best selves.
    3. Ensure that the administrative functions of the congregation are cared for with support from the congregational administrator.

The congregation is inviting the Supply pastor to fulfill the aforementioned elements of work in a full time role.  Prioritization and decisions will need to be made so as to stay within these constraints. It is expected that some negotiation and lowering of number/expectation may be necessary for the congregation as it moves forward in this transition period.

This arrangement will be reviewed after 1 month following the date of start to plan next steps as appropriate.