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Rooted Growing Branching

Looking for a Transformational Pastor

Full Time for 3 years with possible extension

Erb Street Mennonite Church (ESMC) is currently in a time of transition with reduced pastoral staff. After a difficult departure of our previous pastors, internal conflict, and ministerial misconduct, we are inviting a Transformational Pastor to support our congregation and enter courageously into what is needed to heal rifts and teach the christian practices of peace and reconciliation. ESMC has a vision of Radical Hospitality and we hope that a Transformational Pastor can embody this vision by inviting each into the care of the other in deliberate service which extends our relationships.

During these years of transformational ministry, we will give intentional permission to this person to move into conversations and questions with us that may challenge our assumptions, explore our gifts and invite us to trust God in new ways. This permission given in advance is our first act of faith. It is desired that the Transformational pastor will:

  • Embrace our congregation with love and unconditional positive regard as we trust and live in a sharing community of committed faithful disciples.
  • Articulate with us who we are at the present – valuing the ways God has been at work in our midst.
  • Shape a sense of how we can use those gifts and strengths to live into our calling as a community of disciples of Jesus Christ.

We recognize our varied and many stories within the congregation. We hold these stories, some painful, disappointing and discouraging, with care. We also hold our history and our future of where God has brought encouragement, hope and healing. We invite a Transformational Pastor to be among us, to lead us and to value our story of moving into a fuller sense of God’s hope for us.

Areas of Responsibility

Pastoral Oversight

  • Give spiritual oversight to the congregation through its various ministries
  • Lead in a manner consistent with Anabaptist/Mennonite understanding
  • Attend to the legacy of seniors,
  • Work with our half-time Associate Pastor to encourage the spiritual formation of youth and young adults,
  • Uphold the spiritual grace of family life,
  • Seek out the marginalized to come closer to the centre, building up the capacity of Newcomers to contribute in our congregational life.


  • Sit as an active participant on the Church Council, Elders, and Worship Team
  • Support and resource other committees such as Christian Education, Peace & Justice,and Hospitality as appropriate
  • Supervise and support the Office and Communication Manager and provide support and encouragement for the Associate Pastor.
  • Be in relationship with Mennonite Church Eastern Canada (MCEC) and local ministerial group


  • Preach and/or facilitate worship at least twice a month
  • Give leadership in worship to communion, significant milestone events, and special services, i.e. Christmas, Easter
  • Help the Worship Team to plan worship that invites fellowship with God and one another,and that mentors children and adults to active participation in worship
  • Bring the hurt and healing of the community to the centre of worship to be transformed into the hopeful future that God desires for the church.
  • Invite a variety of voices, languages and styles to bring a broader perspective of our image of God into focus.

Pastoral Care

  • Assist the Elders in their mandate to provide care giving in the congregation
  • Provide pastoral care through support at times of crisis, in high-needs visitation, and through major life transitions
  • Collaborate with individuals and families in planning significant life events
  • Build relationships through active participation in the life of the church while modelling good self-care


  • Encourage Christian Education programmes that nurture stage of life faith development
  • Guide and resource our ministries in their desire to grow, e.g. bringing people to faith,incorporating service activities into worship, stewardship teaching and promotion, gift discernment support
  • Model and teach spiritual practices, sharing the joys and struggles to develop an authentic Christian life


[1] “Transformational Pastor” is not a common role for a pastor within Mennonite Church Eastern Canada congregations. All pastors are hoping to be part of a congregation’s transformation as we together respond to God’s grace and love in our lives. In this instance, the title serves to give notice that the group is specifically giving permission to the pastor to lead in a way that helps the group value who they are and to instill a sense of anticipation for what is next. There may be challenging questions to ask and tasks requiring additional energy that as a group we are willing to engage.