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Rooted Growing Branching

December 2018

Our worship and decor people always seem to plan even more wonderful things during the advent season.  Below is what things look like at the front of the church.

Advent 2 Light Silence

The first week the “Light” sign arrived with the snowflakes.  This week the “Silence” sign arrived with the stars.  We can only assume more is coming.  It leaves many of us wondering and thinking a bit more than we might otherwise.


Advent 2 2018 comm table

The presents were involved in the children’s worship as well.  All sorts of instruments and noise makers came out of one of them.  I am amazed the children were not trying to open the other boxes after the service.


And here are some of the PJs and sleepers we are collecting for the YWCA (formerly Mary’s Place).

Well, the display continued to evolve.  More presents appeared (with things for Children’s worship), and more words and symbols.