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A Christmas to Believe in

As it has been for many years and in many churches, the Erb Street kids put on a Christmas pageant today (Dec 16).  It was a particularly good year.  The script specifically breaks the 4th wall, talking directly to the congregation, and does things likes talks about the scripts and incorporates them into the play so the actors can be reading them if they want.  It also has fun amounts of attitude and story commentary.  And the actors were really good.  And the chorus of young enthusiastic sheep and angels was cute and fun as is traditional.


 P1130866sAnd so it begins… with our narrator (gold hat) and our main character who is questioning her belief in the birth story.  (She also questions the many appearances of the angel!)


P1130875sYou know, sometimes the main character just gets too involved in the story.


P1130881sThe angel instructing Zacharias that the soon-to-be-born baby’s name is to be John.




P1130878sAttentive sheep and sub-angels


P1130885sMary and Elizabeth doing biblical “face time.”

 P1130888sAnd getting around to the naming.


P1130894sComplaining to the director about the angel part of the story.


P1130895sKids volunteering to be angels.


P1130906sOne shepard, looking off to the side to her sheep.

P1140004sOK.  This has got to be one of the coolest Wise Men ever.

P1140008sKing Herod consulting the travellers.

 P1140012sThe Angel is back for a dream sequence.

 P1140013sHigh fives! Baby Jesus is safe and our main character believes!

P1140019sThe entire cast.  (This photo even has our favourite paparazzi!)

P1140022sAnd the congregation joins in.  A joyful morning.