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ESMC Pandemic Re-opening Planning

This page is where information is being shared about our church plans for re-opening.  Consider them working plans.   We reserve the right to update them at any time due to new information or feedback.  Mainly they have reached a point where they are ready for feedback.  If you have any questions or comments, please pass them on to the office or e-mail “pandemic at”.


The Plan

Big Picture Thoughts

  • We assume there will be some form of required, or just personally desired, restrictions for at least a year.  Therefore we try to have options for those who do not wish to associate in person.  We will be keeping zoom as an integral part of the service for at least that long
  • Balance Risk.  Support people’s risk profiles as best we can. Open as safely as can.  Cannot say we do everything to keep the chance of transmission at a minimum, because if so we would only continue on zoom.  Everything else raises the risk.  Everything is a trade-off of risk and reward.
  • Anyone can decide to stay separate and can still participate as much as possible. I.e. everyone can decide what level of risk they want to take and we will make it so they can be involved as much as possible given the level they have chosen.  Be aware of the separation between:
    • What we require to be done
    • What we support being done or people doing


The initial thoughts on the order that we would be re-opening things is as follows.

  1. Staff & one-off cleaning (June)
  2. Cleaning
  3. Service leading (maybe July)
  4. Committees
  5. Services (maybe Aug)
  6. SDA Services
  7. Rentals / Special events
  8. Nursery / Mid-service program
  9. Fellowship Time
  10. Sunday School

Note there is no specific timing associated with this order.   Each step is decided at that time.  Any timing is tentative.


Explanations & Justifications

This section attempts to explain reasoning behind any decisions, or give source reference material.  It’s for those who “really want to know”.

Interesting References


A doctor’s view.  A masked mass exposure