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Safe Church

Erb Street aims to be an inclusive and welcoming community, but we also strive to be a safe one.  To that end, we have created the following ESMC Safe Church Policy Revised 2023 that we live out.  There is a link to our training slides too.  And there is a link to a training video in the members area.  We recognize that the document is a serious read, not an easy or fun read, but it is a serious topic.  We also recognize that it places some limits on us as a community, making it seem a bit less care-free and requiring us to be more intentional, but if it makes us more accountable and makes our church a safer place for everyone, then it is worth it.  We encourage everyone involved with our church to read it, live it, and help ensure that we all live up to it, just as we would for the rest of our faith.

If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to our Safe Church Coordinator, or the church office or any council member who will make sure they get directed to the proper place.