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Rooted Growing Branching

June 26, 2022

Order of Worship – Announcements

Worship Service & Church Forum

Fruit of the Spirit: Forbearance

Sermon – Pastor Myrna Miller Dyck – sermon audio

1 Corinthians 12:18-27

18 This is where God comes in.  God has meticulously put this body together; He placed each part in the exact place to perform the exact function He wanted.  19 If all members were a single part, where would the body be?  20 So now, many members function within the one body.  21 The eye cannot wail at the hand, “I have no need for you,” nor could the head bellow at the feet, “I won’t go one more step with you.”  22 It’s actually the opposite. The members who seem to have the weaker functions are necessary to keep the body moving; 23 the body parts that seem less important we treat as some of the most valuable; and those unfit, untamed, unpresentable members we treat with an even greater modesty.  24 That’s something the more presentable members don’t need. But God designed the body in such a way that greater significance is given to the seemingly insignificant part. 25 That way there should be no division in the body; instead, all the parts mutually depend on and care for one another.  26 If one part is suffering, then all the members suffer alongside it.  If one member is honored, then all the members celebrate alongside it.  27 You are the body of the Anointed, the Liberating King; each and every one of you is a vital member.