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Rooted Growing Branching

Planning our focus

The church has been going through another phase of renewal.  It has involved some events like revisiting our structure and priorities.  And recently it has led us to working on a theme to focus on for the next three years (which seems both long and short at the same time).  Several weeks in September and October were spent thinking about who we are, then about how it could or does express itself.  Next came discerning a direction, followed by two Sundays in October spent in Sunday school and a full church “retreat” to talk about what we learned.  We don’t fully agree on the title for our goal, but we agree in principle on what the goal is and have suggested possible concrete steps that we might take from here.

Congregational meetings really don’t make for good photogenic opportunities, but sometimes you just have to go for it anyway.  The first photo (which is slightly out of focus) goes well with our title.






What may not be obvious is the table on the right in the foreground.  That’s not a pathway.  That is where the food was put when lunch was served.  By the wall to the right are working papers used to show each table’s thoughts and ideas.  The nearly invisible red dots were votes – dotmocracy!